15 Ways to Raise the Morale in Your Sales Team

15 Ways to Raise the Morale in Your Sales Team

If you’re looking to generate a vibrant culture, where everyone in the business loves coming to work and everything is all rainbows and butterflies(!), then below are some ideas that could help you boost morale and staff engagement!

1. Get Ideas from Your Staff

Quite often, the answer to your problems are contained in the minds of your sales team. They’ve probably even talked about it, and they can’t believe you’ve not done it yet. Ask for feedback, then action it.

2. Set the Standards at the Right Level

If bosses are demanding high standards – but falling short themselves… or if standards are acceptably low over the business – then this needs addressing. Manage accordingly, but ensure that everyone is at the right level.

3. Drop the Dead Wood

Anyone back-chatting, moaning, acting selfishly or gossiping are no good for your team. They belittle the work done, and are detrimental to the success of the business. A meal can be ruined by one bad ingredient.

4. Beer, Beer, Beer

“To alcohol! The cause of… and solution to… all of life’s problems” said Homer Simpson. Get out of the meeting room, away from the office and head off to a pub or a restaurant. The best ideas can often come when you’re in a relaxed state!

5. Offer Sabbaticals

If you’ve got long term employees who are… well… on the verge of a breakdown – or on the verge of becoming dead wood – see if they can take some time out of the business to recharge the batteries. Tie it in with long term employment (e.g. 5 years of service – an extra 2 weeks holiday), and it gives staff something to aim towards.

6. No Training Budget?

“What happens if we train them, and they leave…? What happens if we don’t train them, and they stay…?” Try a sponsored degree, or professional accreditations and pay for the course. You can add in a contract for staff to ensure a return on investment if they leave early… but “knowledge is power”!

7. 1hr Refresh – or 5 Minute Snack at the Desk?

Sitting at your desk and staring at a screen won’t help. Not to mention the health effects, but the brain is like a muscle, and muscles need rest. Not many of us can exercise for 9 hours straight and it’s the same concept for your brain – work hard when you work, rest well when you rest.

8. Have You Got a Shared Goal and Purpose?

If the business is profitable and everyone has a purpose, then great! If you’re not too sure what to do on a daily basis, or you have colleagues who are lost or bored, then having a purpose will give clear direction on how to add value to the team.

9. Celebrate the Small Wins

Look at Leicester City – they took things one game at a time and whilst keeping it simple, they won the league. One game at a time.

10. Climbing the Career Ladder

Ensure that everyone knows what to do to get to the next level. Be open, honest and very transparent with what you have to achieve – and celebrate wildly when someone does get promoted!

11. Benefits – We All Want Them!

Get people engaged by offering help with their work/life balance. Gym, childcare, cycle-to-work scheme, mobile, tech, healthcare … ‘benefits’ will soon become the ‘norm’

12. Why stop there?

What about fruit bowls, free lunch every month, a relaxed dress code, weekly exercise, chill out area or free dry cleaning? Ice cream when it’s hot – coffees when it’s cold – the little things go a long way.

13. Team Building Exercises

You’ve done them before. You’ve built a raft, you’ve survived an imaginary crash in the desert, and you’ve been blindfolded. Try something different – “Break Out”, treasure hunts, office Olympics, ‘Come Dine With Me’ – anything to get people talking to each other and having fun.

14. Shares – Give them a Slice of the Pie

If you want people to buy into your business, why not offer a share scheme to reward high performers? Link it to your career structure and everyone will be pushing in the right direction.

15. Birthdays and Anniversaries

Most of us are guilty of forgetting an important day or two throughout the year however, making the extra effort on birthdays or work anniversaries for people in your team can be a little morale booster for that individual. Add important dates into your calendar and maybe even get a little gift as recognition and celebration.

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