17 Differences Between a Great and a Poor Sales Hire

17 Differences Between a Great and a Poor Sales Hire

The workplace is like a pendulum. Employers give the best environment however the worst performers always take advantage of this. Then, employers will clamp down and top performers will leave. And the pendulum swings back...

But what are the differences between a great and a poor new sales hire?



Willing to make mistakes

Scared to make mistakes

Willing to make the tough calls

Scared to make the tough calls

Has a plan, and executes it

Doesn’t plan, and is often disorganised

Willing to ask for leads

Scared to ask for leads

Always seems to be available – even outside of normal hours

Disappearing from the desk for a coffee every 5 minutes…

Cares about customer service

Not interested in the customer’s thoughts

Willing to take feedback

Doesn’t act on feedback

Willing to listen


Strives to hit all targets

Happy with not being the worst

Looks to do the basics well

Looks to cut corners

Takes care of their admin

Rushes their admin

Thinks about sales pipeline and setting up meetings

Thinks about what is happening this evening

Learns from mistakes

Makes the same mistakes over and over

Looks at their business plan/KPIs

Doesn’t know what KPIs are

Knows that sales is tough

Expects sales to be easy

Helps and joins in with other colleagues

Gossips and judges other colleagues

Accepts responsibility

Always an excuse

There are 100s of courses and businesses around that are focused on staff engagement, loyalty and providing the best work environment.

This whole myth about millennials being lazy – and if you’re a baby boomer you cannot adapt; all of it is sweeping generalised judgements in my opinion. It is all down to getting the best out of an individual.

It’s important that when you have a new starter that is “poor” and shows all of the attributes that they will not perform well, that you understand WHY they are not performing well. This may be the environment… it may be the job… it may be something behind the scenes. You may have to find different ways of motivating the sales team?

How many of the “great” do you tick?

What about your new hires or new colleagues?

Get on top of the poor before they get on top of you.