Making the Most of Your "Sales Kickoff"

over 1 year ago by Nick Guy
Making The Most Of Your Sales Kickoff

It's that time of year where "Sales Kickoffs" are happening everywhere! Whether you’re a small start-up or a large global company, Sales Kickoffs are an important event in a technology company’s calendar – getting the team excited and ready for the year ahead!

Speaking to clients every day, I have learned a lot about Sales Kickoffs and how to make the most of them. Here are my top Sales Kickoff suggestions.

Get Everyone Involved
Your company is more than just your sales team alone, and this yearly kickoff should reflect that – why not change the name to “Company Kickoff” to get all teams on board? It would also be important to pick a theme that everyone can buy into, not just the sales team.

Plan Ahead
Aside from the logistics of the event, what do you want to come out of the Sales Kickoff?
•What does success look like to you?
•What are the behaviours that you want to encourage - and the ones you want to change?
Getting your customers’ thoughts and opinions on how well your company is doing can be invaluable insight too in what may need changing or focuses for the upcoming year for your technology company.

The Kickoff Itself
Whilst you don’t want your Company Kickoff to be overly rigid, I would suggest that it is good to bear these things in mind when planning an agenda –
•Make sure all your teams interact, even the ones that don't normally. Not only can this lead to better cross-team relationships, but also, encourage new ideas.
•Interactive sessions can be a great way to get everyone involved – even those people that may be more reluctant to share ideas.

The Aftermath
So, everyone had a great time at your Company’s Kickoff, with lots of takeaways from the event. The most important thing now is to:
•Have a clear road map
•Define clear responsibilities for individuals to follow up
•Incorporate these ideas and actions into your tech company’s long term plan.

There are so many other ideas and creative things to be doing on your Kickoff but make sure you have fun too! The whole company should leave feeling positive and pumped for the year ahead!