8 Reasons Why I Love My Sales Job

8 Reasons Why I Love My Sales Job

Sales jobs are often seen as a bit of a “marmite job” – you’ll either love it, or you’ll hate it. Through my short tenure in sales so far, I can honestly say that I have never worked harder in my whole life, but I have also never been happier and get up and come to work each day (even Mondays!).

For me, sales is definitely a career I will stay in – and here are some of the reasons why:


Communicating with people is part of human nature. Every day in sales you get to speak with lots of people all at different stages of the sales process; whether it’s a first initial cold call in which every single one is different, or it is the umpteenth time you’ve spoken with someone where there is a developed relationship. This point links nicely into my next reason.

Relationship Building

Building relationships is fundamental in sales, and for me, it is one of the most enjoyable parts of the job. Developing strong relationships is key to being successful in sales; you need to be able to fully understand the problem that your client is facing and then prove that you are able to offer a solution. From this, a mutual understanding is built. Being able to build good relationships however, is an important skill to have not only in your work life, but also your personal life.

Dealing with Change and Adapting to Situations

The ability to adapt to changing situations is an important part of sales, every sales pitch is different and every potential client is going to react in a different way. Sales has taught me how to adapt to different scenarios instantaneously as you have to think on your feet when on a call or meeting with a client face to face.


Sales roles are ultimately very rewarding and are often the highest paid roles in a lot of organisations, once targeted bonus are added. I couldn't imagine myself returning to a role without a commission structure; being rewarded monetarily has definitely motivated me as an individual, but it is also the smaller incentives that help improve job satisfaction such as weekly/daily incentives along some long term team events.

No Two Days are the Same

Every day is different, I am yet to have a day similar to another. I never know what to expect each day or how the day is going to pan out despite how meticulously I plan, things get put into your diary, arranged calls can change at the last minute, meetings may overrun. The unexpected seems to happen a lot, sometimes good sometimes bad but it’s always interesting!

Growth Mind-Set

My thirst for sales has developed a growth mind-set within me. I am always looking for ways to improve, ways to not only reach but actually beat my targets. What can I do better, how can I improve? This is perhaps linked to the rewards that can be gained if I continue to grow.

Psychology of Sales

I love the psychology behind sales, there is a lot more psychology involved than I first anticipated. There are hundreds of books on different sales techniques and the psychology of sales but it’s only once you begin dealing with different individuals and selling to them do you get a real thirst for the psychology of it.

Challenging Yourself

In previous jobs, I never found myself really pushing myself beyond what I was paid to do, however since embarking on a career in sales I find myself constantly challenging myself to do better every day, this also extends into my personal life and I have begun to challenge myself to do more each day to improve.

The Best Bit

One of the best things about working in sales is the number of transferrable skills you learn and can take with you, regardless if you stay in sales or not.

I have learnt more skills in my first 6 months in a sales role than I have learnt throughout my previous 5 working years. The fast paced environment means you have to learn a lot very quickly in order to keep up or excel in your role. I can't count the amount of skills I have learnt or improved upon since being in my Business Development role at Finlay James, a few would be: Determination, Perseverance, Communication skills and Work Ethic.

Starting out in sales is a great way to begin a career, often the people at the top of organisations in CEO and Director positions have spent some if not most of their career in sales roles. Even if you decide to pursue another type of career the skills picked up in sales and mentioned in this blog post would not be harmful in any career.

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