Do telephone interviews cost your business money?

Do telephone interviews cost your business money?

Time management is one of the most important factors when it comes to recruitment, whether you are an employer, a candidate or a recruiter. Used in the wrong way it can cause total dismay, disorganization and poor results. Structured and well organized time management is the key to consistent and sustained success.

Modern sales leaders live very hectic lives, dashing from meeting to meeting, closing deals and managing others. In order to accommodate such hectic diaries, employers are introducing telephone interviews to their recruitment process. Although this can sometimes be a quick and easy answer to a spiraling diary, I question that this it is an effective and beneficial form of introduction, more a distorted form of qualification.

Here are my reasons…

Communication effectiveness

Studies have shown that 61% of a human being’s communication comes from gestures, facial expressions, and body language. 33% is contributed through a person’s voice, tone and pitch and only 6% is down to a person's choice of words and language. Meeting face to face provides better communication.

Face to face

Some of the most successful people in the world, not just the best salespeople, prefer face to face meetings to get the job done - like lawyers, politicians and world leaders.


Often something else will get prioritized and the scheduled call has to be rearranged. It is too easy for an employer or candidate to cancel last minute and this creates a very bad first impression.


Given that a telephone interview has no set location there are uncontrollable factors that can come into play such as someone being on the move, bad phone lines, being in an area where it is difficult to speak or being in a loud place.


How well can you sell your company and the role to a prospective candidate over the phone? Would you be confident that you can differentiate your offering from other companies to the candidate? Are your competitors meeting with these same candidates face to face? 

Two-way street

Make the candidate feel important, remember the company has to sell themselves to the candidate just as much as the candidate has to sell themselves. 

The bottom line - if you want to hire the best salespeople and hire them quickly, a telephone interview is often a hindrance rather than a help. Meeting face to face can give you more commitment, better communication and enable you to sell the role and your company better.