Five Tips on How To Survive DreamForce 2018

Five Tips on How To Survive DreamForce 2018

If DreamForce 2018 is your first DreamForce, it could be a little daunting. Read on to find out how to survive and thrive at the biggest technology conference in the world.

DreamForce 2018, The Numbers;

  • Held over 4 days, DreamForce is the largest tech conference in the world.
  • 171,000 people, from 91 countries attended last year’s conference.
  • 10 million people logged in last year, and viewed the conference online.
  • 2,700+ breakout sessions to choose from at this year’s DreamForce.
  • 542 sales-specific breakout sessions.
  • 1 international rock band; Metallica will be rocking out on stage at Dreamfest.

With so much talent packed into a relatively small Metro space, how does a DreamForce rookie survive AND get the most out of the week? As San Francisco locals, here is our advice.  

Be Prepared.

Arguably this isn’t an innovative idea, however once you pick up your badge, it will be all systems go to catch every keynote, every session and every networking event you can; and we do recommend collecting your badge early to avoid the 170,000 others doing the same.  Check out the DreamForce 2018 website and bookmark the sessions you want to attend. Have a look at our must-attend events and remember to schedule time to eat.

Leave your laptop at home

Whilst power outlets and Wifi are most definitely available, you’ll be more worried about losing your laptop than using it. Dreamforce always has some exciting content on mobile-first strategies, so here is where your smartphone should shine. As Wifi in the main areas can be a little tricky, we recommend checking out the various Hubs around the city, where Wifi and snacks are a-plenty.  

Wear comfortable clothes

DreamForce is not the place for Louboutin’s or a Hugo Boss suit. You’ll be walking 5+ miles a day, so this week needs to be about being comfortable and professional at all times. Pair your favourite pair of sneakers with jeans and a blazer or your checked shirt with chinos and a pair of comfortable loafers. As locals, we know the SF weather is notoriously unpredictable, even in September, so be sure to pack a leather jacket or wrap to cover all bases. If you’re really stuck for what to wear, check out Salesforce’s “What to Wear” guide. 

Buy a Clipper Card

The Clipper Card is the all-in-one transit card for the Bay Area. You can use the card on all Bay Area public transport, including Muni, which is the fastest way to get around SF. You might consider also having the Uber or Lyft apps to hand, however expect high surcharges and up to 30 minute waiting times.

Schedule in some time to chill

In the middle of the DreamForce 2018 Campus, is one of the “Most magical places at Dreamforce – Dreamforest!”. Featuring 12+ bands, charitable activities, a climbing wall and great food and coffee at Base Camp Bistro, Dreamforest is a must-visit at DreamForce 2018. If meditation is more your flow, head to the Marriot Marquis on Mission Street or the Hilton on Union Square to check out the DreamForce 2018 Mindfulness rooms.

By following the above advice, we hope all those attending DreamForce 2018 can squeeze everything they can out of this 4 day tech extravaganza.  Check out some useful links for getting the most out of DreamForce 2018 below;

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