I deserve that promotion...don’t I?

I deserve that promotion...don’t I?

You work hard, you keep your head down and do a really good job, so you’ll get promoted because you deserve it, right? WRONG! 

If you work hard, keep your head down and do a really good job, it will of course make you valuable to your employer, but you will probably be the first person that your newly promoted colleague will want in their new team! So... how do you put yourself in line for a promotion?

Here are a few tips for you: 

  • Know what you want, and why you want it.  There is no point in going for a promotion because you think you should.
  • Don’t dwell on your weaknesses and resist from not putting yourself forward for that promotion if you don’t tick ALL the boxes.  Concentrate on what you can do and your strengths.  Be confident in your abilities.
  • Don’t wait for a role to become available.  If you can see a gap for a specific role or specific knowledge base – become that specialist and fill that gap - provide yourself as the solution.
  • Be on the radar – contribute – be seen and heard, not just by your superiors, but by your colleagues.  Be positive, collaborative – don’t be a wall flower.
  • Promote your successes without bragging – make sure your achievements are noticed. 
  • Dress for the job you want not the job you have – old school – but still relevant. If you dress the part, you’ll feel the part.
  • Raise your profile - Network with people within your organisation.  People tend to promote individuals they like and trust – so build those relationships.  How much does your boss know about you?  When the management team are talking, is it your achievements that they are discussing?
  • Talk to your boss.  Do they actually know that you want to add more value by progressing into a different role?  If they don’t know, why would they consider you?
  • What is your brand?  Make a name for yourself externally too.  Social media, networking events – put yourself out there and be seen as valuable.
  • Have a long term vision of where you want to be in 5 years' time.  

Now, plan your strategy – prepare the role and your offering (this will be a whole different blog topic, coming soon), then go and ask for it- If you don’t ask, you very probably won’t get.

Good luck!