Is There a Sales Talent Shortage or Is Your Recruitment Process Just Too Long?

Is There a Sales Talent Shortage or Is Your Recruitment Process Just Too Long?

Working in the IT sales industry for over 10 years, I have seen many developments and trends within the hiring of the top sales professionals in the world.

Recently there has been much talk of it being a candidate-lead market when hiring and with the emergence of new software and IT companies on an almost daily basis, there is more competition than ever for the top sales talent. Companies within the IT sector are finding it increasingly difficult to fill their sales vacancies however, how much of this is down to there being a candidate shortage? Could it be that the best sales talent is being snapped up by competitors with a slicker recruitment process?

Rewind the clock 10 years and it was standard practice to have a 5-stage interview process for senior sales professionals however, in this day and age, having such a lengthy process could actually be damaging your hiring rate and success.

Based on some of our most recent placements in the IT industry, our candidates were only actively on the market for a maximum of 8 weeks. Not only this, but many of those received multiple job offers within that time.

So, how can you ensure that your recruitment process isn’t stopping you from losing out to your competitors?

Have a smooth and fast-paced process

If hiring is a big priority, you may want to consider reducing the interview process to 2- 3 stages to ensure that you don’t lose out on the top talent that will only be on the market for a matter of weeks. Also, you may want to introduce a process whereby you meet as many candidates as possible in one day so that all interviewees are at the same place in the process.  

Contingency plans

Are you going on holiday? Who else could interview in your place? Ensuring that the recruitment process is consistent could be the difference between securing a great sales person and not. This is a fast-moving environment and if you take a 2 week break, that person may no longer be available; and worse still, may have gone to your competitor.

Close quickly

Like a sales person you’re interviewing? Why not offer them the job there and then, in the interview? If this isn’t possible and you need to discuss with other colleagues, why not ask the person you’re interviewing to grab a coffee and return in half an hour? By doing so, you will be able to secure your new sales hire rather than leaving it for a day or so and running the risk of them interviewing elsewhere and accepting another offer.

Be selective

Work with a select number of agencies who truly understand your business and your needs.

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