My Top 10 Sales Books

My Top 10 Sales Books

Being a newbie in sales is tough… Sure, you get trained and people give you advice but if you’re like me and you like to be prepared, there are a couple books that can give you a helping hand.

As a literature student, I thought it would be just that the first blog post would revolve around the wondrous concept of books, in particular, sales books.

So, here it is, my take on the top 10 sales books to kick-start your training/career in sales.

Let’s start from number 10.

10. What They Don’t Teach You in Sales School by Scott J. Donnel

This book has a variety of helpful hints from figures with 30 years of successful experience in sales gained from interviews. The objective of this book is to ‘accelerate the learning curve for professional sales execs’. The second objective is to make sure the book is an enjoyable read through highlighting real experiences in sales in different interviews. This book is great for understanding what actually goes on in the sales industry and how people genuinely became successful.

 9. The Psychology of Selling by Brian Tracey

This is an interesting one, a more complex book but still very interesting. I think it’s always good to know the psychology of things, how the mind works in correlation with different subjects and in this case, how the mind works with sales. It explores how different behaviors in sales can impact your success.

8. Growth Juice: How to Grow Your Sales by Dr. John A. Weber

This book has been described as ‘solution selling colliding with colorful cartoons’. It combines training with fun, I mean who wouldn’t want to read something that has matching pictures?! The book begins with a variety of planning concepts the reader is able to use in order to adapt their own growth plan. The greatest thing about this book is the mention of social media. It highlights how one can use social media on a professional level and how to utilize it within the area of sales specifically.

 7. The Sales Training Handbook: 52 Mini Seminars for Sales Managers and Sales Trainers by Jeff Magee

Although the title states that it’s for sales managers and trainers, I think this book is definitely applicable to those new to sales; one of the reasons why is that it has downloadable and customizable hand-outs. In this instance, the keyword is “customizable”….  You can change it to suit your own sales training/techniques and even your own learning styles. There are loads of interactive exercises involving hand-outs, scripts, and tools that are exceptionally motivational – because we all know that sometimes we just need a little bit more of a push.  Therefore although this text is primarily designed for sales managers, it can also give those who are new to sales an insight to training and concepts which will be used in order to shape their sales experience. It’s like getting a cheat sheet from your teacher, it’ll give you the boost you need in case you don’t understand something.

6. Sales Training Basics – Fifty Minutes by Micheal G-Crop, Elwood N.Chapman

This book refers to the very basics of sales training. The reason it makes the top 10 is the nifty concept of learning it all in fifty minutes. This is a short and quick catch up or statement of the basics of sales, perfect for sales professionals who are notoriously short of time or for those of you – like me – who are new to sales. The authors highlight positive attitudes and acting as a consultant are the most successful attributes in a salesperson. It also involves a brilliant baseball analogy of 1st, 2nd and 3rd base corresponding with training process embodying the basics of sales. This is definitely a useful book for sales beginners, you can learn the basic lingo without getting too confused.

5. How You Make the Sale by Frank McNair

This book involves the basic key concepts of selling without waffling. It’s a short, quick and fast read, yet it has all the knowledge a newbie needs in order to understand sales. The front cover of the book even states ‘What every NEW salesperson needs to know’. It’s perfect for those of us who are new to sales and just want to understand the concept of selling in simple terms. This will give you a jump start on your training and it will help you understand the fundamental basics of selling; leading onto the next book in the top 10 which also explores the fundamentals however in a little more detail. I’d recommend to read this and then….

4. The Natural Laws of Selling: The Essential Truths by Daniel Jacob

Here’s another book that has multiple five star reviews on Amazon. It’s a little pricey but it’s definitely worth the read. This book delves into the underlying methods and techniques of selling. It gives you effective methods to apply to sales and that’s why it’s so great for sales beginners. You can learn the methods of sales in a few pages, helping you understand the overall concept of sales and how to be successful. It states that one of the key ideas to sales, essentially the key idea of the entire book, is focusing on the fundamentals of selling rather than learning multiple techniques. It’s always good to focus on the fundamentals and that is exactly what this book highlights.

3. SalesBURST!!: World's Fastest (Entrepreneurial) Sales Training by Patrick Evans

This book has been described as an ‘out of the box’ approach to selling with the ability to help every sales person. There have been a variety of reviews for this book from different authors. In fact the famous author of Little Red Book of Selling (also mentioned in this post) states that: “This is a great book that shows you how to make more sales, faster and easier than you ever thought possible” (Gitomer, Jeffrey).  It refers to new and innovative ways to approach sales, which are equally as effective as original sales training methods.

2. The Greatest Sales Training in the World by Robert Nelson

This book definitely lives up to its title. In an editorial review in the Publisher’s Weekly, the book was described as: “Exploring how to increase profits or personal income through time-tested principles shaped in the cliché yet profoundly effective 10 lessons such as persistence, people skills and self-improvement.” It’s clear and concise and will get you thinking about how you can follow the ten cliché rules in order to be as successful in sales as possible. The steps are simply set out into ten sections which makes it easier to understand, condense and re-enact the rules in our working day life.  It’s even got a five star rating on Amazon whilst being called a ‘must read’.

1. The Little Red Book of Selling by Jeffrey Gitomer

Now this is what you call a snazzy title. Everyone’s heard of the little black book, well my friends, here is the sales equivalent… the little red book. And it really is little, which is great because its pocket sized. It is a pocket-sized reminder of the basics of selling, the ins and the outs and all the ‘cheats’ you could ever wish for. I consider this book to be the best sales book I’ve seen yet, and you might ask why? Well one, the size; the oh so wonderful small size which means I can carry it anywhere. This also means the information in the book is precise and to the point – no babbling or confusion – just the secrets of sales and success.  It really is one of the main books a sales trainee should read, it’s short, quick and a must read for those who want to get ahead in the game. From the title you can already see that the book will be full of the witty wonders of sales.