San Francisco: From Prune Capital to Silicon Valley

San Francisco: From Prune Capital to Silicon Valley

So, how did the world’s former ‘Prune Capital’ transform a region that revolutionises everything that we do…?

You’re probably reading this from your iPhone; after scrolling through Twitter; or sat in your Uber; or on the way to the work- where you are engaging with the next ground breaking technology.

Home to the likes of Google, Facebook and Microsoft- plus a wealth of over $560 billion - more than the GDP of 49 countries - San Francisco receives more than 50% of the United States Venture Capitalists’ entire funding. However, this fruitful economy had a humble beginning…

San Francisco once produced 30% of the world’s prunes and was a major producer of canned tomatoes and cut flowers- a far cry from the billion dollar tech-capital of the world it is today.

1909 saw the first of many San Francisco innovations; the radio by Charles Herald. This was later followed by William Hewlett and Dave Packard (HP) in 1939. (Walt Disney was actually HP’s first customer buying an oscillator for the animation Fantasia).

A more notable development was the invention of the semi-conductor by Fairchild who used silicon as a substrate, resulting in mass silicon chip inventions clustering in San Francisco – hence the name, Silicon Valley.

However, the Russians can be thanked for one of the most poignant points in San Francisco’s history. They invented the first space satellite- Sputnik. If it wasn’t for their invention the American’s would never have reacted to the Soviet Union’s technological advancement and created NASA.

Arguably, if it wasn’t for Sputnik we would not have witnessed such mass technological innovation. A region once scarce of employment became a fertile ground for scientists and engineers. This lead to Oracle, Intel, Sony, Cisco, IBM and Tesla Motors being founded- and eventually thousands more. A flourishing hardware industry was followed by software, the internet and today’s cloud computing.

San Francisco has completely transformed every industry on a global scale as well as our daily lives. Could you imagine a morning commute without checking Facebook, a working day without LinkedIn or an evening without Netflix?

The region is thriving and the brains behind this tech-hub are not slowing down. The future of Virtual Reality, the Internet of Things and even Google getting driverless cars everywhere on our roads is exciting and seemingly without bounds.

The revolutionary and continued technology developments in the region are just some of the many reasons that Finlay James has opened their first overseas office in San Francisco - the tech hub of the world!

Already working with companies based in, or with a presence in the area; Finlay James is seizing the opportunity to help tech giants and start-ups in San Francisco to continue to grow and succeed, and transform the world as we know it.