Should you relocate for your sales job?

Should you relocate for your sales job?

Whether you’ve been offered a job or are still on the lookout for something new, relocating for a job can be both an exciting, but also daunting situation.

The first thing to determine is “what is your reason for moving”? Are you moving for the location or do you want to work for a particular company? You need to decide if you are moving for the location or for a company as this will drive your research!

If you’re thinking of relocating for your sales job then this is a question you need to give some serious thought to; if you don’t the process will only seem scarier. 

If it’s location, then you need to decide which one. Are you yearning to live in a hot and sunny climate? Do you have friends or family that live there? Or do you want to be part of top and emerging markets?

For the top markets in the US; New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., and San Francisco had the largest amount of employers hiring overall in 2014 according to Glassdoor. If you want to be at the forefront of emerging markets, in the US, CEB found that Phoenix, Denver, Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Oklahoma City are emerging as new tech markets – perhaps a start-up looking for seasoned professionals is the challenge you are looking for?

If it’s company, then pick the company you want to work for and this will pick the location for you!

Once you have decided where you want to go and/or who you want to work for, there are a few things you need to consider when you’re reaching the final stages of the interview process:

Relocation packages

Does your prospective new employer offer relocation packages? If they do, this can make a sales person’s dream become a reality, and shows the commitment of the employer to get you on board! However, if they don’t, don’t misconstrue this as apathy on behalf of the prospective employer to you joining their team, however, it will mean that you’ll have to place more emphasis on cost implications of the move.

Cost of Living

Is it more expensive to live there? Are there any costs that you’ll have to factor in that you don’t have at the moment? Does the prospective employer have any benefits such as healthcare? Put simply, you’ll need to make sure that if you were to make the move, that you can actually afford to live there!

Is this a lasting move?

Do you envisage being at the company, and this new location for some time? Or is it a short-term aspiration which may last only a few years. If it is the former, you should give some thought to your friends and family, schools, crime, and other employers in the area – this may not be your last job, so don’t put all of your eggs in one basket!)

All of the above will be a factor if you’re considering relocating, and you can do your own research but ultimately the best thing to do is ask for advice:

  • Do you know anyone who has done this already?
    • Within your company?
    • Within your network?

It is also a good idea to speak to recruiters as not only will they have a great network and may know people who’ve done it, they may be able to put you in touch with companies hiring and also, it’s free!

Speaking to people who already live there is also a worthwhile task as you should be able to get a good understanding on whether you would feel “at home” there. Whether these are friends or family, or people within your network, understanding the culture of a new city will help you to decide whether it would be the right move for you.

Ultimately though, the reality of moving will depend on your experiences! A good track record in your employment history and solid sales skills will mean the power is in your hands. Companies will always help innovative sales talent to relocate as it’s in their best interest – they are arguably the biggest asset to them as a company after all!