The Importance of the First Sales Call

The Importance of the First Sales Call

First impressions are important. You don’t get a second chance to make that first sales call. In many ways, your first sales call is a lot like a telephone interview. But instead of selling yourself - your capabilities, your skills and why you should be hired; you’re selling your company’s product or services – the benefits, features and why they should choose your company over competitors.

With organizations becoming increasingly globally mobile, more sales pitches than ever are taking place over the phone or over Skype and video call, which means that you need to be able to impress your potential customer over the phone.

For many people, speaking to numerous prospects in a day can be tiring, especially when you don’t get any follow up meetings or calls arranged. As the day wears on, you could find yourself not quite as perky as you were at 9 am and not really selling your product or service as you were earlier on in the day. And trust me, if you feel it, your prospect will hear it.

It’s surprising the impression that can be left even after a short phone call so it is important to make sure you stick to the basics (and do it every time!).

Here are 5 basic rules of telephone calls:

1. Don’t mumble!

Yes, it may be simple but it still happens! Speak up. Maybe even talk a bit slower. If they can’t hear you then they can’t get the information they need from you to make a decision to use you!

2. Ask Questions…and Listen!

Buyers hold the power and if you’re not providing a solution to a problem they have, they’re not going to buy. Simple. So ask questions, what are they doing, what do they need and how can you help? Listening is the absolute key in sales, so by listening and understanding their needs, you’re more likely to close that deal!

3. Be Clear and Concise

Be straightforward and to the point. Be aware that your prospect might be short of time to get all of the key features and benefits in front of you and answer their problems with your solution! 

4. Think about the tone of your voice

If you sound bored, fed up or just plain unenthusiastic, how can you expect your prospect to be excited about your product?

5. Say Please and Thank-you

That old adage of “manners cost nothing” is still as true now as it ever was, especially in the world of sales!

They may be basic but they are important!