Top Incentives to Attract Top Talent

Top Incentives to Attract Top Talent

“Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.” – Richard Branson

10 years ago, offering benefits such as a standard pension, 20 days holiday and healthcare would be enough to bag you the best sales talent out there. However, in today’s marketplace, where candidates rule, you need to be thinking bigger and smarter than your competition.

Sales Directors out there, if you want to hire the best sales people then please keep this in mind! If you don’t, it could potentially cost you a lot more than some of these perks.

I have worked in the recruitment industry now for 10 years and have spoken to some of the best sales talent in the enterprise software/SaaS marketplace, and a conversation that I’m increasingly having is: “What additional benefits do they have?” “What is the company culture like?” With the rise of such dynamic tech companies as Google and Apple, more and more sales professionals (and especially those who have been in the industry for less than 20 years) are looking to work for those exciting companies and are attracted by President’s clubs and those money can’t buy experiences.

Not sure where to start? Here are some real-life examples of what many companies within the IT industry are doing to attract the top sales talent.

President’s Club for the top achievers

One of our clients pay for a 5* holiday for their top achievers (and their partners)  to some of the most exclusive locations in the world including, but not limited to - Bora Bora, Hawaii (Maui / Kauai), Caribbean Cruises, Las Vegas, Miami, Cayman Islands, Antigua.

Sounds like bliss, right?

Aside from targets, this kind of incentive gives sales professionals something to aim for – whilst they will get a buzz from hitting their targets consistently, knowing that this awaits them at the end of the year, and that their company is giving something back and recognising their hard work and success, is something that will drive your employees to succeed.

Office Environment

You don’t necessarily have to splash the cash and go all out on an expensive “blow out” experience. Instead, what many companies do is make the working environment as flexible as possible and include perks to help look after the wellbeing of their employees.

As an example, Google offices have ball pools, sleep pods, free food all day and even an office masseuse! Other clients have office beer taps, flexible working hours, gym memberships, free PT sessions during work time – a great way to keep your sales team motivated and energised for the afternoon ahead!

The theory behind amending an office environment is that it reduces stress at work (something that can be rife within the sales industry!), can help with employee retention, increase employee happiness and even increase productivity.

Additional Perks

Are you looking for some more inspiration on what you can implement in your business to attract top talent? Here are some other examples of what our clients do:

  • After 5 year’s of service, one of our clients offers a full year of paid leave to take a sabbatical to travel!
  • Rolex Club – everyone who hits target receives a brand spanking new Rolex!
  • £10k club – everyone gets a £10k bonus (tax free) when hitting 100% of targets
  • Full comprehensive sales training plan is offered to top performers – specifically around Challenger Sales Training which is huge in the marketplace right now.
  • Offer employee rewards schemes, like “Perkbox” – providing offers and savings on day-to-day purchases and big name brands, including luxury hotel stays, travel and entertainment.