What is a DiSC Test?

What is a DiSC Test?

What are they and why do we do them?

Increasingly, we are finding that more and more of our clients within the IT sector are requesting for candidates to complete a DiSC assessment. Especially for sales candidates.

Even if you haven’t heard of them before, you will have probably completed one! They’re not meant to try and “catch you out” though - it’s not a trick, so don’t be scared. 

DiSC testing is not a personality test; it is designed to show behaviours of individuals in certain situations for example, at home vs. at work. From answering a few questions based on preferences, they are scarily accurate, I’ve done one myself and can vouch that they are scarily accurate (even to some things that I maybe don’t want to admit to!).

My results? Well, I am the ‘lazy z’ – which is apparently what the perfect sales person should look like… I’ll take that! Other parts of my results rang very true to my personality, as did the results of some of my colleagues.

But what is the ‘lazy z’? Using the Using the four styles of (D)ominance, (I)nfluence, (S)teadiness, and (C)onscientiousness; sales people should get high on the ‘I’ and the ‘D’.

Lazy Z

However, what’s important to note, is that not all sales people are the same, the test essentially enables management teams to get the most out of the team members and ensure employee engagement and a successful work-life balance.

Not everyone likes to be micro-managed however some people prefer it, some people respond well to praise and others prefer constructive criticism. The DiSC test results are specific to each person and essentially give employees and employers the best chance of a harmonious successful relationship - where an employee’s full potential can be harnessed.

If you’re a hiring manager looking for your next sales “rockstar”, DiSC profiling is definitely worth looking into. DiSC profiling and related resources have helped millions of people and thousands of companies to increase self-awareness, develop knowledge of others, promote team culture, and enhance hiring processes.

As something which I, and we at Finlay James believe can offer real benefits to businesses looking to hire exceptional sales talent, Finlay James can offer this DiSC profiling service to clients. If you would like to know more, please contact me or go to our Contact Us page.