Global-e Case Study

[Finlay James] was a great support in our hiring processes.

– Global-e

The Challenge

Global-e is a high growth Israeli tech start-up who offers a comprehensive SaaS solution that enables retailers to increase their level of cross-border sales.

With significant VC backing and ambitious plans to penetrate the European and North American markets, it was clear they could only be successful and execute their plans if they could secure the most talented people to join the company.

Finlay James first engaged with Global-e in September 2015 when they were looking for their first sales person on the ground in Paris.

Since then, Global-e has sought the help of Finlay James to fill nearly 30 positions across a variety of business functions all over the world.

The Solution

Before conducting a thorough search and engaging with candidates, Finlay James took the time to deeply understand Global-e’s product, market, competitive landscape and company culture.

The requirements of a number of the roles filled for Global-e have been very specific; coming from a certain company in the market, requiring niche technical skills or being multilingual for example.

Therefore, quite often, there is only a small talent pool to be targeting. In this instance the Finlay James consultants identify specific people to headhunt and seek to engage with those candidates across a multitude of sources.

The leadership team and hiring managers at Global-e like a seamless and efficient process so use our ‘managed service’ offering. This means putting faith in the Finlay James consultants to put forward the best four candidates to interview; meaning hiring managers not needing to take time out of their days to read CVs and deciding themselves who to shortlist.

The Outcome

After placing Global-e’s first person on the ground in Paris, Finlay James went on to grow both their London and Paris offices, filling multiple sales, pre-sales, marketing, project management and developer roles. 

Following a $20m funding round in the summer of 2016, Global-e discussed their plans for penetrating the US market. In October 2016 Finlay James hired Global-e’s first sales person on the ground in New York, shortly followed by VP Operations and a Sales Engineer. In 2017 we added an RVP Sales in Los Angeles along with a second sales head in New York.

Global-e’s growth shows no sign of slowing down and Finlay James is proud to be a trusted partner of such a fantastic company.

What They Said

“[Finlay James] was a great support in our hiring processes. They have shown great professionalism, always accompanied the entire process from the beginning until after the recruitment process. They gave us great support and good understanding of the market.

Sigal Hazak, VP Human Resources, Global-e