Marketwired Case Study

Finlay James’ consultants have got our trust and we take their advice accordingly.

– Marketwired

The Challenge

As a business Marketwired has evolved from its core digital news distribution service to offer a broader social communications software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform. This change has created a need to recruit sales professionals with experience of SaaS.

Primary hiring manager Roy Jacques, Director of UK Sales at Marketwired, had previously used a number of recruitment consultancies to fill sales positions but the shift in business focus required an agency with expertise in the SaaS sales sector.

An experienced hiring manager, Mr Jacques was keen to meet several of the most talented candidates in this field before making any employment offers. However, his role as director of UK sales meant demands on his time were high and opportunities to meet candidates limited.

When the best candidates had been identified, however, he wanted to ensure their services were secured in a timely manner. To achieve this he needed to be confident he was offering them an attractive compensation package, but at the same time was not exposing the company to excessive costs above the market rate.

The Solution

Finlay James met with Marketwired to develop a thorough understanding of the company and its culture, the requirements of the roles and what characteristics the ideal candidates would possess.

With this information our consultants were able to tap into Finlay James’ database of almost 30,000 candidates and deploy the consultancy’s head hunters to seek out passive candidates suitable for these roles.

Marketwired opted to utilise Finlay James’ full managed service which reduced the client’s involvement in the recruitment process and meant Mr Jacques could simply block out a period of time which Finlay James would fill with several candidate interviews.

Marketwired also leveraged Finlay James’ benchmarking consultancy service to ensure they had a solid understanding of what compensation packages would be attractive to the best candidates.

The Outcome

With a detailed understanding of the company and the role, Finlay James was able to generate interest from several high quality candidates and was able to fill both new business development and account manager roles.

Mr Jacques said: “During my recent hiring campaign, Finlay James introduced me to lots of relevant talent. Our hiring standards are high and I tend see a lot of candidates but take on very few. With Finlay James you have a busy agency which is consistently able to provide the very high through-put of good candidates needed."

Marketwired were able to secure the services of their new recruits by offering competitive compensation packages which all parties were happy to accept. 

Mr Jacques added: “As a hiring manager you need to have knowledge of competitive benchmarking so you are offering the right type of package to candidates.

What They Said 

“With Finlay James you have a busy agency which is consistently able to provide the very high throughput of good candidates needed.”

“We were able to leverage the intelligence Finlay James has to make the most informed decision possible"

“I’m prepared to regularly dedicate a half day of my time for interviews as I know Finlay James will provide enough quality candidates to fill that time."

"There are other recruitment organisations... but it’s a question of who you trust and that often comes down to the experience and relationship you have with the consultants. Finlay James’ consultants have got our trust and we take their advice accordingly.”

Roy Jacques, Director of UK Sales, Marketwired