Phantom Cyber Case Study

I look forward to using Finlay James' services as we continue to grow and expand our operations.

– Phantom Cyber

The Challenge

Phantom Cyber are the innovation leaders in security orchestration and automation. Phantom’s platform acts as a layer of connective tissue to the industry; simplifying and automating the life of the SOC (Security Operations Centre) and its security team. The platform can perform up to 120 different actions across 40 disparate technologies allowing investigation, hunting and containment of threats.

After great success in the US, they were looking to establish their first team on the ground in the EMEA region and needed to hire a Systems Engineer.

The challenge was to find someone who had the relevant technical ability on their platform and had strong development skills in Python language. They also required someone who could essentially ‘sell’ and communicate effectively with C-level leaders in enterprise businesses across the UK and EMEA.

Being Phantom’s first hire in the EMEA region it was absolutely business critical that the right person was hired first time.

The Solution

Finlay James conducted a deep dive search into the technical and commercial skills and a number of longlist targets were identified. The in depth interviewing quickly showed that there was a severe lack of expertise in technical Python language development skills combined with a ‘sales’ outlook able to communicate the solution to a business level audience.

Three people were identified to a shortlist and put through a series of rigorous technical and commercial based interviews with one ultimately being offered the role.

The Outcome

Phantom Cyber hired George Panousopoulos – an expert in sales engineering and a technically minded individual with a deep background in Python language programming as well having an excellent consultative background with experience working for the likes of PwC. George also ran and grew sales engineering and pre-sales teams in the past so made the perfect fit for future growth as and when Phantom look to expand further.

George said: “Martin helped me secure a job for one of the hottest names in the cyber security startup scene. Throughout the whole selection and recruitment process Martin was very approachable yet professional and provided any assistance required. I would highly recommend Martin to anyone who is looking for a role in the cyber security space.”

What They Said

“Martin was instrumental in helping to fill a very critical role, at a very critical time in our company's expansion. He was very focused on the details, and needs for filling the role properly and was very approachable and communicative throughout the process. I look forward to using Finlay James, and Martin's services as we continue to grow and expand our operations.”

Dan Ramaswami, VP of Sales Engineering, Phantom Cyber