Cyber Security Recruitment

We support cyber security companies to meet the increasing demand and pressure on them by finding top talent within the industry for their sales, marketing and technical teams.

Cyber security has, for many companies, become a top priority in order to keep themselves and their clients safe from cyber-attacks propelling this sector into the stratosphere. In the last 2 years alone, there has been an eye-watering surge in ‘advanced threat’ or the ‘predictive analytics’ side of the market.

We work with cyber security tech companies, particularly the hottest start-ups, that provide the technology to enable Security Operations Centers (SOC) to respond faster and more efficiently to attacks as well as technology to combat Malware, Phishing, Password (PAM/IAM) attacks, DDoS (Denial of Service), Endpoint type attacks as well as advanced threat detection once attackers get inside the network including threat intelligence and cyber threat hunting using predictive and behavioural analytics.