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Did you know...

Only 1 in 4 Seed-funded tech start-ups make it to Series B and less than 1 in 20 make it to Series D?

The difference is often not the product, but the ability to attract top talent at each stage of the journey and retain them – that’s where Finlay James’ tech recruitment expertise can help.

​We don’t just purely match a CV to a Job Description. We match a person to an environment and an opportunity.

​That’s what makes us different.

Our expertise and presence within the industry allows us to access hidden and passive candidates whilst also saving customers time and money.

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Open Market Approach.

Unlike many Recruitment companies, our consultants are not restricted by location or discipline; designed to save you time and money as you have unique access to all office and consultants' networks.

Global Presence.

With Consultants in Manchester & London in the UK and San Francisco & New York in the US, we have a ‘follow the sun’ model; meaning we are harvesting the best candidates 24/5, for our clients.

Over 15 Years of Experience.

We have worked with hundreds of Tech companies in the SaaS, MarTech, Cyber Security, IT Services and BI & Big Data verticals since 2003 helping to scale and grow their business internationally.

What our Clients say.

​I would highly recommend [Finlay James] to anyone who is looking for a role in the cyber-security space.


Senior Sales Engineer

​For a reliable, considerate service, with recruiters who genuinely care about your application, I would look no further than Finlay James!


Account Executive

​The team at Finlay James have been an absolute pleasure to work with.


Sales Director

​​Finlay James - not the usual recruitment experience. I’ve been lucky enough to find help at Finlay James. Not only does the company really go the extra mile for their candidates but they make you believe in yourself like nobody else. Finlay James is in my opinion something you don’t want to miss out on.


​[They were] able to quickly identify my requirements and fit a great host of roles to suit accordingly. Overall brilliance from Finlay James.


Business Development Director

​​Having worked in the recruitment business previously, used recruiters for hiring my own staff and now have been a candidate, I think I am well experienced to know a good recruitment firm and more importantly a great recruiter. It is therefore very easy for me to recommend Finlay James.


Senior Sales

​​The FInaly James team helped me along the process, guided me and advise me some great advised until I've been recruited. I've found the Finlay James team extremely nice and professional. Highly recommended!


Sales Development Representative

​​Finlay James is a great headhunting firm!


Channel Partner Manager

​​Before I got contacted by Finlay James I have had a chance to work with many recruitment firms in London. And honestly none of them is as good as FJ! These guys are very professional, extremely helpful and always available to answer any questions you might have. Excellent job FJ! Thank you so much for everything.


Inside Sales Representative

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