Account Executive, East Coast, Enterprise

Location New York
Job Typle Perm
Salary $100k - $160k + Double uncapped OTE
Reference 13114

​The Role:

  • 100% New Business role

  • Remote working

  • Selling into the Enterprise market

  • Lots of inbound opps that come to them

  • Strong Lead Gen support from the SDR team.

  • Mix of £100k deals and a few strategic deals at £300k-£400k

  • Tend to start with smaller deals then go in for a 2nd larger deal

  • Can upsell to new logo’s you bring on for 12 months then they are passed to AM team

  • Can pass the accounts to AM’s earlier if you want

  • Full pre-sales support

  • Typical Sales Cycle of 3 months 6-12 months for the larger more strategic ones

  • Will hit targets with 50% Inbound and 50% Outbound so need to be strong at prospecting your own leads etc as well.

  • Negotiating with C suite, Chief Compliance, COO’s basically the owners in charge of regulatory decisions, also target Customer Experience and Marketing, will need to loop these in during process.

The Company:

  • Growing very rapidly, gone from $40million in 2017 to $90 million in 2018. Extremely cash positive.

  • Clear progression paths – Finlay James placed the current VP EMEA there as an Account Executive just 5 years ago!

  • Sector is booming and only getting stronger – every time there is a major breach which is happening on a weekly basis it only makes their tech even more sought after.

  • Great culture in the UK office, lots of fun, ‘they have a banter board with points system’

  • Agile enough to make things happen but mature enough and cash rich to have processes and promotions etc.

  • ‘Essentially in the future, every thing should be done with facial identification and verification, you should be able to enter secure buildings, pay for things etc.’

  • All of the sales team is over target with the top sales professionals doing 200% against target year on year.

  • Tons of inbound opportunities

  • Great earning potential

The Ideal Candidate:

  • 5 years enterprise sales experience.

  • Experience doing multiple £100k deals and larger strategic ones.

  • Stable

  • Enterprise key wins

  • PTR with big targets

What You’ll Get:

  • $100k - $160k + Double uncapped OTE


  • 1st stage - Telephone interview with hiring manager

  • 2nd stage - Video call with hiring manager

  • 3rd stage - Presentation and meet the team

Job code: 13114